Watch Terje Haakonsen Cat Track Snowboarding Like a Boss

Terje Haaksonsen cat track snowboarding with fellow Burton team riders including Danny Davis may be the most fun you’ll have watching youtube today.

We could watch Terje Haakonsen Cat Track Snoboarding all day. In fact we could watch him snowboarding anythign all day. In this case, watching him rip these sick lines down a cat track in dope pow conditions makes us think one thing – screw Alaska! Not really, but almost. Let’s face it, the most stylish snowboarder ever can make a mole hill look fun.

Not to be outdone in this clip are a host of other Burton team riders including Danny Davis. The clip was filmed while the riders were filming Burton’s team video, “One World.”  Apparently the conditions for “actual filming” weren’t ideal, so it was fun laps for all! 

Pop Goes Terje Haakonsen

If you ever need a reason to motivate on your squats routine, watch this. Terje Haakonsen Cat Track Snowboarding is amazing, not simply because it looks so fun, but because of why it looks so fun.

Look at the pop Terje gets sending it off each side hit. This dude is pushing 50 years old and still has pistons for legs. The other riders are all in their 20s and can’t match his pop or method style.

Anyway, we love Terje Haakonsen Cat Track Snowboarding so perhaps we’re biased. Just goes to show, even the most lauded snowboarder in history can still have fun ripping an in-bounds cat track. And yes, so can you.

Here’s Terje telling it in his own words:

“Danny Davis and I, got to take a couple of cat track runs while filming for the next Burton flick “One World”. There was crust layer in the forest, so this was our best option this day. Soft enough banks to go fast and hit them. Using the Straight Chuter 151 and Ak pants ! I like short boards in the Forest pow.”

Follow the legend here: @chocorompe