China’s Jiayu Liu Wins First Dew Tour in Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Final


Dew Tour Breckenridge Women’s Snowboard Superpipe | Chloe Kim, Jiayu Liu and Kelly Clark


In the midst of an epic snowstorm, 23-year-old Jiayu Liu edged out a line up of Olympians and teen phenoms alike earning her first ever Dew Tour victory.

As the day began in crispy Breckenridge so did the snowfall. Often heavy, by the time the Women’s Snowboard Superpipe finals rolled around, a good five inches of powder had accumulated in the pipe, making speed an issue for the competitors.


China’s Jiayu Liu Wins First Dew Tour in Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Final


With little room for error, Liu was able to keep speed through her entire run due in large part to flawlessly stomped tricks like a frontside 900 and a pair of 720’s, both regular and switch. Landing high on the pipe walls and staying light on her edges, style was not lost on Liu’s highly technical run as she finished up with a classy air-to-fakie and a switch frontside air.

“What a life!” exclaimed a close to tears Lui. “My first time in the finals and I win!”


Chloe Kim of Mammoth Lakes, CA placed second. 


When asked if she had anything to say to her friends and family back home in Harbin, China, Lui simply shouted, “I love you!” before greeting them in her native Mandarin Chinese.

With a first run score of 89.60 Chloe Kim’s aggressive style and huge amplitude through the snow-laden pipe impressed the judges enough to land her in second place. Kim, who is just 15-years old smiled throughout the competition exemplifying the attitude of all the competitors.


Kelly Clark of Mammoth Lakes, CA placed third. 


Taking third on the podium with a classic, yet technical run was one of snowboarding’s most established female snowboarders, Kelly Clark who scored an 84.40.

“I’m so proud of her (Liu),” said Clark. “We all struggled today a bit and I’m gad we all landed on our feet.”

Despite challenging conditions and limited visibility, the ladies showed what makes them true professionals — love for each other and love for snowboarding.