Skiing And Snowboarding in Chamonix | Frozen Mind


Snowboarding in Chamonix should be on the wish-list of any serious shredder. If you prefer skiing the same holds true. Chamonix, France is incredible. 

Chamonix, France is the birthplace of mountaineering in many ways. For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, the locals of Chamonix existed in the mountains. In the shadow of Mount Blanc, these simple farmers learned to survive in the rugged French Alps. Eventually, they climbed the slopes and braved the treacherous, crevasse-laden terrain. Perhaps fueled by a need for thrill, perhaps a need for survival. Regardless, so began the early stages of mountaineering and, later, alpine skiing and snowboarding. 

Snowboarding in Chamonix - Frozen Mind
Victor De Le Rue and Pierre Hourticq atop Mount Blanc in Frozen Mind.

Fast forward to the modern day, and few can claim the level of mastery over these mountains, more than Victor de Le Rue. As one of the most aggressive and accomplished big mountain snowboarders in the world, Victor de le Rue sets a new standard. Known for his aggressive approach to big mountain snowboarding along with technical mountaineering skill, De le Rue is in a league of his own. 

Snowboarding in Chamonix - Frozen Mind - Victor De Le Rue
Victor De Le Rue snowboarding on Mount Blanc in Chamonix, France for the film, Frozen Mind.

Frozen Mind

In the the film Frozen Mind, De le Rue, accompanied by longtime friend and amazing skier/mountaineer/guide, Pierre Hourticq. Together these men tackle extreme terrain, including 45-degree slopes, very few would dare approach. In doing so the duo push the limits of technical mountaineering, snowboarding in Chamonix, as well as human endurance. 

Frozen Mind is not just a film based on snowboard/ski performance. It is above all a story of friendship and a journey of discovery as the two men take unique paths in order to conquer the same objectives.

Snowboarding in Chamonix - Frozen Mind - Victor De Le Rue and Pierre Hourticq
Victor De Le Rue and Pierre Hourticq stand atop Mount Blanc during the filming of Frozen Mind.

Skiing And Snowboarding in Chamonix | Frozen Mind

Take a wild ride skiing and snowboarding in Chamonix, France! Chamonix is one of the most prestigious place for mountaineers in the world, its history is full of stories of conquests and failures. Now these dramatic mountains lure more and more skiers and snowboarders to ride steep, unforgiving faces and it is in Chamonix that we will discover the adventures and evolution of Victor de Le Rue.

Frozen Mind is a sponsored by and promoted by Red Bull Media House
Frozen Mind is directed by Antione Frioux and co-produced by Frioux and Victor de le Rue.
Music : Fink – Warm Shadow (Rastovich Remix)
Mix & Sound design: Mix & Mouse
Principal Cinematography: Antoine Frioux, Yannick Boissenot, Grego Campi, Maxime Moulin, Fred Rousseau 
Narrated by Xavier de le Rue

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