Superpark 20 at Mammoth Mountain – Day 3 Video Recap

From the folks at Snowboarder Mag:

Thursday, April 29th at Superpark 20 presented by Nexen Tire USA, Halldor Helgason, Sven Thorgren, Sebastien Toutant, Hans Mindnich, Tim Humphreys, Sebbe De Buck, Spencer Whiting and more headed on hill at 4:30am to session a sunrise step up, a heavy alarm to kick off day 3 at Mammoth Mountain.

As the sun rose higher in the sky and the lifts began to turned, these guys were joined by Zach Normandin, Chas Guldemond, Jesse Paul, Scott Blum, Ben Ferguson, Ralph Kucharek, Brian Pracht, Brady Lem, Gabe Ferguson, Brandon Davis, Scotty James, Werni Stock, Mikey Ciccarelli, Felix Mobarg, Erik Leon, and a host of riders who represent a colorful cross section of styles, terrain preferences and trick selection. From tranny finders to lip tricks to triple overhead airs and massive launches, the day 3 video contains it all. Enjoy.

Filmed by John Cavan, Cole Taylor, Harry Hagan, Mia Lambson, Derek Weimer, and Andy Lowe. Edited by John Cavan.