Terje Haakonsen is Feeling the Bern in Baldface

Terje is amazing. It's true. @chocorompe

A video posted by Jeff Pensiero (@baldisbeautiful) on

Jeff Pensiero, founder of Baldface Lodge outside of Nelson, British Columbia, posted a video today on instagram featuring Terje Haakonsen dropping into the Supernatural course and blasting a method off one of its feature in true Uncle T. style.

Interestingly Jeff zoomed in on Terje’s board prior to the drop to clearly focus on a Bernie Sanders sticker. So it turns out the worlds best and most legendary snowboarder does in fact #feelthebern.

This is not all that suprising considering Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, often references countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark, as ideal examples of western societies benefiting from just the right amount of government. And since Terje is Norwegian, well, you can figure out the rest.

On a side note, Canada’s new liberal party prime minster Justin Trudeau is a snowboarder, so it only makes sense that snowboarders in general would get behind a progressive American candidate from Vermont, home of Burton Snowboards (a longtime sponsor of Terje).