Playmobile Stop Motion Surfing aka LINO


Playmobile Stop Motion Surfing aka LINO is the OG stop motion masterpeice by Karim Rejeb. When this video came online in 2010, it took the surfing world by storm. 

It’s hard to believe that the Playmobile Stop Motion Surfing aka LINO video came out 10 years ago. In an interview with Surfline, creator Karim Rejeb, stated, “LINO’ is the abbreviation for linoleum: li·no·leum; 1. a hard, smooth, washable floor covering, formerly much used, esp. in kitchens; 2. any floor covering similar to linoleum; 3. Makes perfect barrels for toys…”

So there you have it folks. If the surf is flat at your local and you now have a solution. Just demo that old kitchen your girl has been bugging you about and get to work setting up world-class waves in the driveway. 

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We’ve seen a lot of stop motion action sports videos over the years since. Who can forget the epic Teahupoo stop motion playmobile video, commissioned by Xtreme video? Also created by Karim Rejeb, the Teahupoo stop motion playmobile video recreated a WSL tour stop at the iconic Tahitian reef pass at Teahupoo. The stop motion surfing scene was complete with boats in the channel, a judges tower and onlooking surfers and media. 

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Another one of our favorites is the Stop-Motion Christmas Ski Village produced by Vimeo creator Jo Balchin in 2015. Here we see Balchin reconfigure his kitchen counter into an epic alpen mountain village during Christmas time. It’s like Norman Rockwell meets Switzerland. It’s enough to make you want to order a hot toddy and fall in love in a toboggan while eating a chocolate covered waffle. Not only do we see skiers and snowboarders crushing the slopes but there’s even a tube park, a racing hill and an ever watchful priest making sure the moral standards of the ski villagers are in tact. What’s more wholesome than that?