Teahupoo Stop Motion Playmobile Action is Epic

This Teahupoo stop motion using Playmobile characters is a magical creation of epicness. We all love Legos and we all dream of surfing Teahupoo, Tahiti. Now the two have come together in harmony. 

Creating this Teahupoo stop motion video must’ve taken some time. Fortunately, playing with the classic Playmobile sets of youth has always been a time consuming practice – in a good way. Who doesn’t recall trying hard to create that killer mobile or dynamic construction scene? . Hours and days might be spent making these toyland imaginations turn into reality. 

Stop Motion animation goes back a long way. It’s a highly tedious art form. To take something non-moving and make it move. The attention to detail and patience to alter the position each piece just a hair, then capture it on film. Rinse and repeat hundreds of times you creative life-like action, all thanks to the timeless technique of stop motion animation. 

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It takes imagination on every level to step up to Teahupoo. The Tahitian super wave is one of the stops on the WCT tour. The World Surf League garners millions of viewers each year to its Teahupoo live webcasts. The fascination with this incredible wave is unparalleled. No doubt originating back in the late 1990s when Laird Hamilton and his OG tow-in surfing compadres first tackled the mighty reef pass. 

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Since then we’ve seen countless epic images, film and competition moments at the framed break. Perhaps non can compare to the soul-moving experience of this stop motion magic as captured above. Perhaps there’s a business model to be had with the Playmobile surf team. Imagine if the Playmobile surf team went to every break on the WSL tour? Pipeline, Bells, Trestles, Brazil, Europe, Cloudbreak? Now that’s a tour we’d like to see.

At any rate, enjoy this sensational clip, and the next time you have days or weeks to get creative, now you’ve got some ideas.

STOP MOTION created by Karim Rejeb. Here’s a great interview with Karim Rejeb on Surfline.